Yes, SEO is Doable in Times of Global Uncertainty

Uncertainty has a way of forcing marketers into complete dismal, as once glorified SEO techniques and marketing plans become questioned for their effectiveness. Despite the economic havoc that comes with a global outbreak, SEO is thriving. In fact, very much so. Albeit in a different way. There are several approaches to SEO that ensure a sound marketing strategy, and covid-proof results. The most important thing about the strategies is that they are budget-friendly, tested, and approved. While backlinking had its run as the single most important factor in a website’s rankability, there are a few other new kids on the block, and they’re here to stay. Doable SEO, in times of uncertainty, is all about distinguishing what works from what doesn’t. And it starts with avoiding noise and speculation. Any SEO marketing strategy that’s worth its weight has to include actionable methods that are pretty much guaranteed. Here are 6 doable SEO strategies that surely work.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Conversion rate optimization is a major must for websites that have ambitions of reaching the top of Google. With that said, every page on a website has to be as optimized as possible for visitors. While you don’t necessarily need an entire UX team, it’s crucial to focus on accessibility and user-friendliness while making the website as appealing as possible. A website visitor’s likeliness to share via social media and even word-of-mouth is highly correlative with how satisfied they are during the checkout process. Ultimately, great CRO translates into a satisfied user that spends more time on the website, and even shares it, which in turn certainly keeps the SEO spiders humming.

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Click-through rate used to be a little-known aspect of a larger SEO strategy, but it is now center stage while most other metrics are taking a back seat. Search engines have made it clear that marketing should be all about the visitors. Websites that are designed with a user-centric perspective are reaping rewards like never before. Click-through rate isn’t just about how enticing content is, but it’s a culmination of design, look and feel, and even branding itself. Visitors are emotionally sensitive in regards to a website’s presentation. Focus on ease-of-use and visitor time spent on the website, and your SEO efforts could pay off.

Push Notifications

Most web browsers give the option for visitors to get push notifications. Leverage this unique strategy by enabling push notifications. This effective way of communicating with all your website visitors will send a neat little pop-up every time you release a notification. This is viewership on demand. With push notifications, you could retain visitors who may have forgotten about your website by sending promotion notices to them. What does this mean for SEO? As a website visitor becomes increasingly aware of your brand over time, this familiarity and popularity could boost your traffic due to them mingling and regularly mentioning your website on social media.

Social Media Interaction

Social media is a broad phrase. The truth is that social media platforms work for businesses depending on the niche. With engagement on social networks, your SEO effectors could receive an indirect boost from all of the popularity. The right amount of traction surrounding your website could result in ripple waves of visitors to your site, not to mention promotion via links, videos, and shoutouts. In some cases, this could result in a highly valuable media outlet noticing your company. This could be a major win for your business, making your SEO even more effective.


YouTube is an undeniably important factor in marketing, even more so now. Don’t get lockdown blues just yet, YouTube has become a staple for viewers and content creators. An SEO strategy that implements YouTube videos correctly, and effectively leverages the highly lucrative audiences that are on the platform is one that’s set up for success and stardom. The YouTube algorithms love videos that gain popularity and videos that accumulate many minutes watched by viewers. Using these metrics, your channel not only reinforces your website as a leader in your niche but, your channel’s success also is a major signal of credibility for search engines. Content is still king, but who says videos aren’t content as well? Leverage YouTube’s powerful audience to boost your SEO into the stratosphere and you’ll certainly be glad you did. Not sure where to start? Start by creating short clips of how-to videos related to your industry. Over time as your followers accumulate, you’ll be positioned to claim your spot as a leader in your industry.

Updating Stale Content

Blogging is still a thing. However, updating blogs is even more of a thing. Search Engines just can’t get enough of fresh content. Instead of creating a new blog post, why not update your existing content? This sends a signal that your content is relevant and helpful. There’s nothing sourer than reading a piece of content only to realize that it was published many years ago, without even being updated. The freshness factor is a widely-known metric that has been proven to support other sound SEO strategies.

SEO has its way of being in a constant state of change and even controversy. While marketers that stick to old SEO principles that simply don’t work are scrambling for strategies, implementing the aforementioned sound SEO tips will put you on the path to stardom and great SEO results. Even just doing a few of the tips mentioned could make your SEO strategy all the more effective, not to mention exciting given the many newly minted website visitors you’ll see!