The Three Tactics B2B Businesses Embrace to Win With Younger Buyers

Younger buyers and decision-makers are also known as Millennials and Gen Z. According to various studies like the Forbes State of Business Buying Survey of 2023, these generations make up 61-68% of the B2B customer pool.

Younger buyers have different approaches and expectations to the buying process than their older peers. When creating content, marketing, and sales strategies, it is vital to adapt to the needs and values of this rising majority. Here are three key strategies to win their business.

Create a Seamless Sales Journey

Younger buyers tend to be more proactive in the buying journey. They are more likely to engage in self-service through independent research and navigating the sales funnel. They will also quickly move on if the journey is stalled or forces them to search for the next step. To keep them on the sales journey, you need to:

Provide clear and easy-to-find information at every touch point. This includes:


  • A clean website with clearly labeled and organized tabs
  • Helpful and relevant blogs that provide in-depth answers and insights buyers seek
  • Thorough and updated FAQs
  • Easy access to customer support- including easy access to a human agent
  • A streamlined sales funnel with minimal distractions and interruptions
  • Ads leading to a relevant landing page 
  • Make sure each page, ad, and blog has one clear CTA and a clear path to it.

Look Beyond Profits and ROI When Marketing Benefits

Younger buyers take a bigger-picture approach to their buying decisions. According to the Forbes Business Buying Survey, younger buyers are up to 30% less likely to cite revenue as a top priority. Instead, they focus on things like:

  • Functional value, like reducing the time it takes to complete a task.
  • Experiential value, such as an immersive experience or helping their customers have a pleasant experience.
  • Symbolic value to confer a sense of belonging. For example, sustainable products and packaging to match their brand’s mission statement and environmental initiatives.

To resonate with younger buyers, dig down deep into why they are looking for specific products or services. Once you know what values are driving their purchase, aim marketing and online content strategies at these points of interest.

Engage in Thought Leadership to Adapt to Active Buyers

Younger buyers grew up searching the internet for solutions, social proof, and community discussions. They tend to do more research and are more skeptical of traditional copywriting and marketing tactics.

Thought leadership is effective because this group of buyers and decision-makers tend to seek out information and solutions for specific problems in their company. Finding the information they need through your brand builds trust and opens the door for various levels of the sales journey.

A few ways to engage in thought leadership include:

  • Create content like articles, blogs, and instructional videos to assist buyers in your target demographic. For example, if a company primarily sells project management software to healthcare offices, they may focus on topics like how to identify and manage stress and project burnout– while briefly touching on how project management software can help mitigate burnout in the content. 
  • Maintain an active presence on at least one social media platform your target buyer frequents. Post meaningful and industry-specific content, engage in relevant discussions, and respond to those who engage with your content in a timely manner. 
  • Network with people in your industry and your target buyer’s industry. This will give you a deeper understanding of younger buyer’s pain points, values, and other valuable data. This will also give you a chance to interact and build rapport with potential clients without the sales pitch.

laneMKTG Can Help You Reach Younger Buyers

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