What You Need to Know About Retargeting

Retargeting is a type of digital marketing that enables you to serve your online ads to target users’ browsing behavior and activity.

What is Retargeting?

You’ve probably experienced retargeting yourself, for example, if you’re checking out a product on one website and the same product appears in an ad on another site you visit later on. 

Retargeting is a non-invasive way to follow up on previous actions. Whether it’s implemented at the top of the funnel or later on, in the consideration phase, it’s proven to boost awareness, brand engagement, and ultimately, conversions by up to 97%.

Four Retargeting Strategies

There are various retargeting strategies you can deploy, and you can configure the actions to trigger based on specific user behavior and your campaign goals. 

Here are four main retargeting strategies you can consider:

  • Click Retargeting targets users who have already clicked on your ad. They will see another version of your ad, coupled with a solid CTA. You can go so far as to exclude users who have already completed the desired action so you can more precisely target those who need that extra push to convert.
  • Impression Retargeting engages users that have received impressions but have not necessarily engaged with the ad. Impression retargeting serves them a different message across other platforms, helping you expand your marketing reach.
  • Site Retargeting enables you to create an audience of users who have visited your site or interacted with it in any way. This is one of the most common types of retargeting and the easiest to implement. Retargeted messaging acts as a follow-up to increase brand awareness and is great to target users who may have visited your landing page but did not take action. 
  • Engagement Retargeting targets users based on a series of actions taken, either on your website, landing page, or social pages. Subsequent ads leverage interactions the user has already had, such as downloading a resource or browsing a product, or it could be based on the amount of time spent on the site. Ad messaging can be crafted based on these actions. 

Retargeting Tips

Retargeting is generally used in the lower end of your funnel. Your ads follow the user, allowing you to re-serve an ad for the exact product they recently viewed on all pages they visit during their browsing session. 

Here are a few retargeting best practice tips:

  • Create dynamic ads for all stages of your funnel
  • Optimize your ad images to appeal to your target audience
  • Segment your audience
  • Always include your brand name/logo
  • Use snappy CTAs
  • Be consistent with the look, tone, and feel
  • Update your ads periodically, so they look fresh
  • Analyze, experiment, and revise

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