Swiping Left or Right?

Brand Perception is Key

Marketing is just like dating. Superficial at first and then (ideally) you get to the meat and potatoes of the business (or person) and you start to like that too. Maybe y’all stick around each other for a while (continue doing business) or you could ghost them (no repeat business). The choice is yours.

Think of how people initially perceive your business as a dating app. How do you look? With very minimal information – would you swipe left or right? Would you just carry on with your day or is there something there that is making you want to learn more and engage? (Disclosure: You could have the type of business that’s an impulse buy and you really don’t care about a full on decision process with your consumers – looking at you tchotchke sunglasses!)

Do you sell a tangible product? Show some dollar signs and a shopping cart on your website.
Do you sell a service? Make it simple for someone to contact you.

Tying in to last weeks Marketing Minute, Quality Over Quantity, take a look at what your current branding situation is and pick one thing to focus on. Pick one thing to focus on and make it good. Make it consistent. Doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan and it doesn’t need to take a lot of money, it just needs to be your brand and your company vision.