Relationships Are Key

One of my clients recently lent me the book “Top of Mind” by John Hall. It’s about how to stay top of mind to potential clients utilizing different content marketing strategies. While yes it is important to be visible to clients with current articles and posts on social media – the recurring theme throughout his book is just plain relationships. Below are some key points in the book that I have used previously and honestly, I believe are what helped me go through my career change into this new space.

Do what you say you are going to do.

Consistency is key with any relationship you build. That doesn’t change just because it’s business. If anything, it is more important. When you say you’re going to call or email – call or email. Honesty and transparency I feel like fall in this conversation, too. Do what you say you are going to do and if you can’t own it.

Stop seeing networking prospects as dollar signs.

This one is huge! It was something I always tried to exhibit when networking or at events. You can tell the sales people or managers walking around just pumping sales facts and figures to anyone who will get in their path. It’s uncomfortable. Yes there is the time and place for that but at every event – negative. It’s not. Engage in conversation with others that is meaningful. Build the relationship first and the sale will come. I promise it will. You’ll also start to enjoy events more if you don’t go in with such sales pressure.

Be thoughtful.

Remember names and details of conversations. That will go a long way. People like to be remembered and when seeing someone for a second or third time if you are able to recall maybe a few details from the previous conversation you had, or a tidbit of info you may have seen that person post on LinkedIn – mention it. You then look like someone who actually cares – building your trust and strengthening your relationship.

Will you remember everything 100% of the time – no. But if you begin to try that’s a start. I strongly believe that people do business with people they like and any way you can have a new tip or trick to enhance your relationships with others is important.

With laneMKTG that is the foundation the company has been built on – relationships and trust. Trust in my clients understanding we’re figuring all of this out together and that would not have happened if there wasn’t some sort of existing relationship there. I am grateful to everyone that helped me get to this point and I am excited to keep it growing.

Think positively

Positive thinking is a major factor in success. So instead of mulling over things that didn’t go quite right, remind yourself of things that did.