Quality Over Quantity

More Information is NOT Always a Good Thing

Unless you are a mega-company like Coca-Cola, Shell or Amazon , staying top-of-mind for your potential clients is key. Whether you are a pipe manufacturer for O&G or sell soaps at a farmer’s market one Sunday a month – ideally, your brand will be the first one people think of when they need what you provide. Accomplishing this can be a daunting task for any business owner ESPECIALLY when Google and your second-cousin who took a marketing class in Community College is there to give you advice. Does that advice actually help you? Maybe.

We are constantly inundated with what we SHOULD be doing. You SHOULD present your brand in this way. You SHOULD be on social media, if you’re not, you don’t exist. You SHOULD do all the things, all the time and it MUST look consistent every time.

Stop it.

Here’s what you SHOULD do: Whatever.You.Want.

Overwhelmed by updating 16 social media platforms a week with half-baked content because you feel like you HAVE to? Stop.

Overworking your sales team and expecting them to be at every networking event with bells on because that’s what you HAVE to do? Stop.

Stop over exerting your business in places that don’t, to quote the Queen Marie Kondo, “Spark Joy.” If your brand looks half-baked there, then it probably is. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

Take a second and a deep breath and reevaluate where all your business currently sits marketing wise. Are some areas looking a bit thrown together or not 100%? Prioritize and fix it. Slow down. Are you able to share visual components of your business? Focus on highlighting that. Do you have amazing case studies or testimonials? Focus on highlighting those. Do a few things really well and then begin incorporating others IF YOU WANT TO! Your business is your business – you know what is best. People want to be associated with businesses that have brand authenticity. Be authentic. The rest will come.

Marketing your business doesn’t need make you a Winona – take a beat. You can unclutter the marketing mess!