Not Seeing Enough Sales? 3 Helpful Tips For Boosting Website Conversion Rates

The Key To Better Website Conversion Rates Lies In Website Optimization

Whether you’re beginning to lean more into your digital marketing strategy or you’re just launching your oil and gas business and developing a website to increase brand awareness and online visibility, lead generation and conversions are key to seeing the increased sales that your business needs to thrive. 

With that in mind, some business owners may feel like they’re not generating enough traffic to see the results they want. The reality? Research shows that the average website conversion rate is only 2.35 percent, with some of the top businesses achieving conversion rates of 11 percent or above. 

So, how do you manage to see conversion rates as high as those in the latter statistic? If you’re looking to boost your website conversion rates, let’s take a look at a few helpful strategies to make your sales goals a reality. 

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate, Aesthetically Pleasing, And Quick To Load

Much like in meetings with prospective clients or business partners, making a great first impression is crucial to your website conversion rates. According to Taylor & Francis Online, users form an opinion about your website within 50 milliseconds of opening it. This gives you a very brief timeframe in which to convince them to stay. 

But how do you do this? When you’re creating your website, make sure that you have:

  • A fast website that loads quickly so users aren’t bugging out trying to navigate various tabs
  • An aesthetically pleasing design to keep their attention
  • A simple layout and navigation experience so they can find everything they need with ease
  • Compelling copy to move them through the sales funnel

The more care you put into your website, the better your website conversion rates will be. 

Make Your Main Product Or Service The Focal Point Of Your Website

Whether someone has heard about you by word-of-mouth or they found you online by searching a specific keyword, they likely have a key product or service already in mind. While reminding visitors about additional products or services that will be helpful during their journey, you want to highlight your main product or service immediately.

This prompts users to buy right away rather than having to scour your website for the product or service they’re looking for.

Encourage Action With Scarcity

If a visitor can walk away from your shopping cart and know that they can always come back later, there’s nothing driving them to finish a sale. Whether you’re offering a limited-time promotion, are running out of an item, or have a high-value product that sells fast, reminding users via text prompts and countdown times is an excellent way to convert new leads.

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