Looking To Recycle Content? Try Out Sales Battlecards

Looking To Make the Most Out Of Your Content? Transform It Into Sales Battlecards


Repurposing content is an excellent way to get more out of the information that you’ve invested your time and energy into compiling and creating. Many business owners may only think about using this content to create podcasts or videos. However, others will take their old content and transform it into sales battlecards. 

But what are sales battlecards, and how do they support your business? Let’s take a closer look at what sales battlecards accomplish and how to repurpose old content into these helpful resources. 

What Are Sales Battlecards?

When your sales team is contacted by any company or individual, you want to make sure that they have all the information they need to properly speak on the product or service they’re selling while highlighting all of the benefits, features, pricing, and beyond. 

The best way to help them achieve this is through sales battlecards. Essentially, a sales battlecard is a compilation of information that sales employees can reference whenever they’re on a call with a prospective client or customer. These cards will cover a wide range of information, including unique value propositions, case studies, product benefits, and more. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sales Battlecards?

So, what do sales battlecards achieve? For your sales team, sales battlecards are an invaluable asset. While cold calling and lead generation are a part of your strategy (and these will come in handy there too), sales battlecards serve to support your team when they’re approached by an individual or company who has done their research. 

Rather than regurgitating the basic talking points about products and services, sales battlecards provide your team with an in-depth overview of the target customer they’re speaking to, the information that they need to know to convert, and more. Overall, sales battlecards can go a long way in enhancing the sales experience. 

How Can I Repurpose Content Into Sales Battlecards?

The best aspect of marketing content is that it’s designed to not only compel the audience to take action but also to provide them with the most essential information about the product or service you’re advertising. 

You can capture the essence of marketing content into sales battlecards by: 

  • Creating different market segments that your sales team will come across in their work. 
  • Separate your marketing content into these relevant categories so that they can approach prospective clients with confidence. 
  • Condense available marketing content into the most essential points so that you’re not overwhelming them with irrelevant information. 
  • Transform content into conversational talking points to support your sales team. 
  • Continue to update these sales battlecards as things change or more information becomes available. 

Of course, it’s important to develop high-quality marketing content that you can use for these purposes. That’s where we come in…

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