How to Generate A Following and Expand Your Clientele

Do you have a fantastic product or service, a fantastic website, stellar customer service, and still struggle to grow your customer base? Chances are, you are doing all the right things, but people just need to know you and your brand better.

Your business’s reputation is a keystone of your success and web traffic. Luckily the secrets to building a brand reputation are both simple and affordable! Here are ways to generate a following that drives clients to you.

Create and Manage a Blog

You have something to say, and your followers are eager to hear it. A blog has a host of uses, from SEO to displaying your professional expertise in the industry. It can even help showcase your triumphs, celebrate stellar employees, and showcase key products and services.

If you do not have the time or desire to write yourself, consider outsourcing your blog to a professional writer or content creation specialist.

Engage on RELEVANT Social Media Platforms

Here is an eye opening business statistic on businesses and social media: 63% of consumers expect your business to provide customer service on social media, and 90% have already connected to at least one brand on their preferred platform.

This means you need an active online media presence to both attract and engage your audience. But you want to do it strategically.

Focus your efforts where your target market is. If you work with professionals, LinkedIn will be a higher priority than Pinterest. If your business is heavily visual, Pinterest and YouTube might be the best platforms to focus on. Know your audience and pick the social media platforms they frequent.

If the idea of organizing and scheduling content calendars and time to respond to each platform sounds daunting, consider hiring a marketing specialist that provides social media management.

Follow Influencers in Your Industry

Influencers have a finger on the things your target audience is interested in and what they expect from your industry. Follow a few notable ones for your industry, see what they are focusing on in their content, and pay special attention to the comments sections for valuable insights into the minds of customers and professionals that follow their content.

Also consider doing guest content for these influencers. The backlinks will provide valuable SEO, brand exposure, and a trail to your website for their viewers to follow.

Make Sharing and Referrals Easy

People love to share great information and positive experiences. You can leverage this tendency in a number of ways. For example:

  • Make it easier for readers to share your media content and blogs with built in sharing buttons.
  • Have a referral form on your contact page or in plain sight in the help section of your site.
  • Offer a small but valuable incentive for successful referrals, like 10% off for both the referrer and the new client they bring in.

Hire laneMKTG to Manage Your Content

An expert marketer knows the SEO, strategies, and content that will keep your brand memorable and draw in a steady flow of new clientele. Let us help you boost your reputation and generate a following with our list of services. Contact us today for a free consult!