Discover How To Increase Referrals With These Simple Tips

Referrals Are One Of The Best Sources To Tap Into For New Clients

Lead generation is critical to keeping your business running, especially if you’re someone who may only work with certain clients a few times throughout the year. The problem? Finding new clients can be a costly endeavor. But there’s a solution! Referrals. 

According to a study conducted by Entrepreneur, approximately 85 percent of small businesses rely on word-of-mouth referrals in order to generate new business. But if you’re not accustomed to encouraging current clients to refer you out to others they know, how do you begin? 

Let’s dive into some helpful tips on how you can increase your number of referrals with ease. 

Be Proactive About Asking For Referrals

Some business owners may feel like they’ll drive away business if they’re hassling their clients for referrals, but the opposite is true. If you never ask, you’re never going to get the referrals you need for your business unless your clients decide to take initiative.

After you’ve provided your clients with stellar services or products, make sure to follow up with a short message asking them whether they know anyone else who could benefit from your business. You might be surprised by how many clients respond positively and reach out to those who want to work with you.

Take Care To Offer Outstanding Service And The Outcome Will Be Greater

Clients and customers can easily tell when they’re working with a business that’s only trying to make a profit. The service is often subpar, only achieving the bare minimum for the client.

As a business, the key to more clients (referrals or otherwise) lies in the quality of service you provide. Give 100 percent, aim to go above and beyond, and treat your client as a partner whose success is as important as yours. This will ensure that clients want to refer you to others who could truly thrive with your support.

Get Clear About The Referrals You Want And How To Ensure You’re Getting Them

No matter which industry you work in, you’re not looking for just any referrals. You need clients who are an excellent match from the start and who are well suited to do business with you.

To increase not only your number of referrals but the quality of those referrals, get clear about what type of clients you want. Then, figure out how you can best engage your existing clients and ensure they’re connecting you with leads who are the best match for you.

This might entail crafting templates to drive referrals, providing feedback to existing clients if they provide you with a referral that’s not a great match, or even incentivizing them so you get better matches in the future.

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