3 Ways to Improve B2B Sales During the Holiday Slowdown

During the holiday season, B2B sales professionals often find themselves grappling with a decrease in leads and conversions as their clients start to focus on their B2C holiday rush and key decision-makers take time off.

Here are some effective strategies to improve B2B sales and lead generation during the holiday slowdown.

Re-engage Past Leads

Dive deep into your CRM and reach out to leads that didn’t convert earlier in the year. With a well-thought-out personalized message, you might catch them at a more opportune time for reconsideration. For example:

  • What do they typically purchase at the start of the year or during your typical rush season? You could offer an early bird special to incentivize early decisions and sales.


  • Do you offer services that take considerable time, like audits, consultations, training workshops, or inspections and repairs? Fellow B2B businesses may be open to using their own business lull to take advantage of these offerings.


  • What do you offer that is tax-deductible to them? Marketing goods and services for that end-of-year tax write-off could spark some quick decisions.

If in doubt, at least reach out to express your appreciation for their business or business consideration. A moment of gratitude for their presence can go a long way toward next year’s sales!

Leverage the Slower Season to Enhance Future Sales

Use the slower pace to strengthen your business position for the coming year. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of the lull.

  • Review and optimize your sales processes. Evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and prepare your strategy for the upcoming year. Identify any marketing mistakes and correct them before business picks back up.


  • Ensure that your website and content are optimized for search engines. Use relevant keywords related to B2B sales and your specific industry to attract organic traffic. Research new SEO practices that search engines are utilizing in the new year to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Attend holiday events or industry workshops and mixers. First impressions and connections can make or break future business deals. These less formal gatherings provide an avenue to make connections in a relaxed environment.


  • Invest time in training your staff and sales team. Use the lull to invest in workshops, online courses, or even role-playing exercises. If someone is in line for a promotion or to take on extra responsibilities, use the time to prepare them for these roles.


  • Evaluate and negotiate outsourced contracts. Other B2B businesses are experiencing a similar lull. This can make it an ideal time to renegotiate expiring contracts or to reach out to new services. This could help you save time and resources in the upcoming year. In some cases, it may even allow you to expand on your current offerings.


  • Use historical data and current market trends to forecast for the upcoming year. This allows you to set realistic targets and develop a solid strategy to achieve them.

The lull does not have to be a negative time for your business. If you use it strategically, it can be an ideal time to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Strengthen Your Content Marketing

Enhance your online presence through blogs, case studies, and whitepapers. Talk about your successes over the year. Discuss trends in your industry and the industries you serve. Give in-depth answers to some of your client’s most frequent questions. 

This ensures that potential clients researching solutions will find your content, positioning you as a thought leader in your industry. It also helps SEO spiders see that your site is active and consistently updating itself, which helps your search engine rankings.

laneMKTG Helps Businesses Retain Steady Sales and Growth

While the pace may decrease, the potential for growth and connection never truly wanes. The holiday slowdown is an opportunity to refine, engage, and plan ahead. By integrating these strategies, you can improve current sales and set the stage for a prosperous new year. 

Want more ideas on how to grow and refine your business during the holiday slumps? Contact laneMKTG today for a consult and customized solutions.